Harbour Island, Bahamas   Mollie   Private home : Perigord   Pitigliano, Tuscany   Kids selling pots in Manatuto, East Timor   Sea Cloud riggings   Private home : Mmbai, East Timor   Junkanoo, Bahamas   Baroque highlights in Lecce, Puglia   Corsican olive trees   Fruit stand in Florence   Hills of salt, Marseilles, France   Goofy kids near Maubisse, East Timor   Private home : Tortolla BV   Jolly mannequins : Dominica   Villa Lante, Lazio   Wine with a view, St-Tropez, France   Morning gossip in Orvieto, Umbria   Fall scene in the Val d'Orcia, Tuscany   Surfing off Tortolla, BVI   Etruscan heads, Chiusi, Umbria  
Harbour Island, Bahamas   mollie   home in perigord, france   pitigliano, tuscany   pots, manatuto, east timor   sea cloud   mambai house, east timor   junkanoo, harbour island, bahamas   lecce, puglia   olive trees, corsica   fruit stand, florence   salt hills, marseilles, france   kids near maubisse, east timor   private home, tortolla, BVI   mannequins, dominica   villa lante, lazio   mountains and madonna, corsica   gossip in orvieto   fall scene, tuscany   surfer, tortolla BVI   gatepost dwarf, umbria